Wind Energy Direct – Our Background

Founded in 2006 with our main office in Limerick, and our UK offices in Edinburgh and Belfast (trading under the name WED Renewables), Wind Energy Direct is an Irish company with a focus on the Irish and UK Renewable Energy markets. Wind Energy Direct installs wind turbines on the sites of large users. We sell the green electricity produced to the on-site energy user at a long term fixed price via our Finance, Build, Own and Operate model.

Our large energy user customers benefit from price certainty by fixing their energy price for up to 15 years, on-site green wind energy at a significant discount to retail electricity, a reduction in carbon emissions, an improved corporate social responsibility profile and all with no capital outlay. Our model allows our customers to break the link with retail energy price inflation and hedge against future energy price increases.

Our green field site landowners can earn extra income from leasing their properties for 25 years to host wind turbines, while continuing to use the land right up to the base of the turbines.

The Wind Energy Direct Difference

Board of Directors

Dominic Costello
Dominic CostelloManaging Director
Dominic Costello is the Managing Director and Founder of Wind Energy Direct. Dominic holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from University Limerick. Dominic began his career with Wang Laboratories and has also held positions with Artist Graphics, Agfa Compugraphic and Rand McNally. Dominic joined ITS in 1998 and became General Manager of ITS UK and later Managing Director of ITS Ireland.

Dominic established Wind Energy Direct in 2006. Dominic holds an MBA from the University of Limerick.

Dr. Edward Walsh
Dr. Edward WalshNon-executive Board Member
Dr. Ed Walsh is the founding President of the University of Limerick. He is also the Founding Chairman of the Irish Council for Science Technology and Innovation.

Dr. Ed Walsh holds a Masters and PhD qualification in nuclear and electrical engineering.

Brendan Tuohy
Brendan TuohyNon-executive Board Member
Brendan Tuohy is a Former Secretary General of the Irish Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. He also served as an Assistant Secretary in the former Department of Transport, Energy and Communications.

Brendan holds a degree in civil engineering from UCC and a MSc in public management. He is also a Non-Executive board member of the Quinn Group.

Wind Energy Direct is a wind energy development company with offices in Limerick. Wind Energy Direct specialises in installing wind turbines on our customers industrial and green field sites throughout Ireland.