A €4 million wind turbine has been installed by Wind Energy Direct at Grady Joinery, Charlestown, Co. Mayo.

This 2.35 MW wind turbine will generate circa 6.2GWh per annum and provide Grady Joinery with over 60% of their total energy requirements. The wind turbine will generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 1,476 houses and displace 2,902 tonnes of carbon per annum.

Wind Energy Direct Ltd build wind turbines on the sites of large energy users and supply fixed price green energy for 25 years to the on-site consumer of energy via a Power Purchase Agreement. This effectively provides a long-term hedge for large energy users for a significant portion of their energy demand. It also allows these large energy users to reduce their carbon emissions and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility in a very visual and constructive manner.  Dominic Costello, Managing Director of Wind Energy Direct said they were delighted to partner with Grady Joinery and that many more large energy users were waking up to the real long term benefits of having a wind turbine on-site.

Grady Joinery is Ireland’s premier manufacturer and leading supplier of high quality windows and doors, supplying home-owners, trade and commercial customers in both Ireland and the UK.  Managing Director of Grady Joinery Limited explained that the decision to install the wind turbine was driven by their commitment to deliver value for money to their customers in delivering best in class energy saving windows and doors in a carbon friendly manner.