How Wind Power Generators Work

Wind turbines are made of four main components:

1. The foundation: the base for the wind turbine.
2. The tower: at up to 80-85m high, it raises the blades to capture the most wind.
3. The nacelle: the energy hub, which is at the top of the tower. This contains the mechanical components including the gearbox, generator and cooling equipment.
4. The rotor: the turbine’s three blades, which capture wind energy for electricity generation.

How It Works

Wind energy turns the turbine blades and this kinetic (mechanical) energy is transformed, via a wind power generator inside the nacelle, into conventional electrical energy. Unlike fossil fuel generators, wind power generators do not release any harmful gases into the atmosphere. The electricity generated is sent into an electrical output system, which transports the electricity via 10 or 20kV cables underground to the client’s internal circuit breaker behind the meter.

The blades on the wind power generator are designed so that they can continuously move and flex, changing angle or direction in an instant, depending on the strength and direction of the wind power. The wind energy is measured by instruments at the top of the turbine, which transmit information to a computer device. This allows the turbine to maximize the amount of captured wind power. When the wind becomes very high, the turbine will turn its blades out of the wind to avoid damage. The turbine is also equipped with mechanical ‘brakes’ to prevent damage in high winds.

How Wind Energy Can Work For Your Industry

One or more wind turbines ranging in output from 330kW to 3 MW will be installed as a complete turnkey solution. All energy supplied directly behind the meter will be supplied at an agreed rate per kWh delivered. Any excess energy will be sold to the grid via the existing grid connection. Wind Energy Direct can finance the entire project or can enter into a joint venture with the client.

Wind Energy Direct is a wind energy development company with offices in Limerick. Wind Energy Direct specialises in installing wind turbines on our customers industrial and green field sites throughout Ireland.