Site Assessment – Renewable Energy For Your Business

Before putting any plans in place for a wind turbine – or any other energy generation technology – it is important to ensure that it is the right choice for your business.

Expert Energy Management Advice

WED specialises in installing turbines for industry; not for domestic homes. With our understanding of legislative and financial demands on your business, we are perfectly positioned to offer advice on your energy resources.

What We’ll Cover

Your free site assessment will allow our experts to visit and establish the following:
•Your electricity consumption and usage patterns
•The size of your site
•The best position for a turbine to be sited
•The size of wind turbine necessary to supply your industrial electricity needs: we offer generators of between 330kW and 3MW.
•The wind resource available to you (this is determined at a later date, after the installation of test equipment)
•Any potential planning issues
•Grid Connection Options

Wind Energy Direct is a Wind Energy company with Irish offices based in Limerick and offices in the UK at Edinburgh and Durham. Wind Energy Direct specialises in installing wind turbines on business and industrial sites throughout Ireland and the UK.