Operation And Maintenance Of Your Wind Turbine

Once installed, your wind turbine will be fully maintained and monitored by Wind Energy Direct – you needn’t to do a thing except enjoy the savings on your discounted energy costs!

Our all-inclusive service covers long-term monitoring, which is carried out remotely using state-of-the-art equipment. Under our fault prediction guarantee, turbines are maintained to the highest standards, which ensure that they reach optimum efficiency, as well as ensuring the lasting durability of components.

The relationships that our team builds with clients, service providers, utilities and landowners are key to the continued success of each project long after it has started to operate. We understand that results count – and WED delivers.

Wind Energy Direct is a Wind Energy company with Irish offices based in Limerick and offices in the UK at Edinburgh and Durham. Wind Energy Direct specialises in installing wind turbines on business and industrial sites throughout Ireland and the UK.