From Initial Site Assessment To Delivery

Wind Energy Direct supplies a complete, turnkey solution to your on-site energy needs. If you’re concerned about the financial risk of installing a turbine, ours is the perfect solution – we’ll shoulder the financial and management investment of the project. Our complete range of services includes:

Initial Site Assessment:
This free service enables you to investigate the possibility of installing a wind turbine, at no risk. Our engineers will visit to assess your site for suitability.
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Project Feasibility and Planning:
When it comes to planning and managing the project, you can have as much or as little hands-on involvement as you like. Wind Energy Direct will provide you with a dedicated account manager – it’s all part of the package.
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Commercial Arrangements:
Clearly one of the main concerns for business owners is the financial arrangement. Wind Energy Direct’s unique turnkey solution means that you have the potential for no capital outlay – or you can invest in the project from the start, saving even more.
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Our own construction group is responsible for the design and construction of each wind energy project. Each project is unique, and our extensive experience enables us to optimise everything from wind turbine selection to site layout and foundation design.
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Operation and Maintenance:
Once built, operation and maintenance is our responsibility – just part of our all-inclusive service.
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Wind Energy Direct is a Wind Energy company with Irish offices based in Limerick and offices in the UK at Edinburgh and Durham. Wind Energy Direct specialises in installing wind turbines on business and industrial sites throughout Ireland and the UK.